16 November 2015

3-Day Project Procurement Management

Approximately $10 trillion is spent annually on projects of all kinds. Globalisation of market and operations, including outsourcing, lead to global purchasing and supplier development. This perspective indicates the importance of effective procurement and supply functions for organisational effectiveness and competitiveness. Project procurement management is the process of purchasing the products necessary for meeting the needs of the project scope. It is favorable that the goods, services or works are appropriate and that they are procured at the best possible to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location. Particularly in the current economic environment, effective and efficient procurement across your business is vital. As Paul Teague puts it aptly, data analytics are being harnessed by just about everyone, it’s time procurement become the master.

Project Procurement management (Project PM) is the process companies use to purchase economic resources and business input from suppliers or vendors. Procurement planning is the process of identifying which part of the project should be procured from resources outside of the organization. Generally, procurement decisions are made early on in the planning processes. At the end, a company’s procurement experience and knowledge needs to be highly relevant to the local markets.

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