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Our Leadership 5.0 Speakers travel extensively to advocate Making Leadership Happen and to present thought leadership on 5th Industry Revolution/Industry 5.0 topics. We are delighted to consider requests for speaking engagement at your events. Acceptance is generally based on these factors:

  1. If your event provides an outreach opportunity that is consistent with equipping Leaders 5.0 the evolving New Normal roles and responsibilities
  2. If we received your request at least 6 weeks from the desired presentation date (rolling 3-month planning cycle)
  3. If the requested speaker is available on one of the dates you have requested.

Type of Engagements

Our Speakers can be engaged in the following activities:

  1. Deliver a Keynote presentation
  2. Conduct the Opening/Closing remarks
  3. Speak in-person or present virtually (via webinar or video conference)
  4. Write a feature article for publication.

We will humbly request your event budget to cover the Speaker’s travel expense (airfare, accommodation, airport pickup/drop).

Presentation Requirements

If you are requesting a presentation, allow a time slot of 45 minutes including 30 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for questions and answers. We cannot provide an advance copy of the presentation. We can provide a copy afterwards in PDF format.

For in-person presentations, our Speakers will need a podium, lavalier (lapel/clip) microphone, PA systems connected to laptop/computer and projector. All presentations will be conducted in English. We will appreciate if you could email us – post presentation for our event record purposes – some photos capturing our Speakers during the presentation.

Submitter Information

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Activity Requested

Event Information

Who is officiating the Event (the person the speaker should thank):

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Requested Speaker

Event Expenditure

Most of our speaking engagements are done on a CSR and Pro-bono basis. In the event the engagement venue is outside our three regional offices (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mauritius), will the Event Organizer able to:

Pay for the Speaker’s travel expense (airfare, Hotel, ground transportation, meals, etc)

Your Budget for the Speaker’s Fees:

 (put zero if you are requesting for a complimentary engagement)

Key Speaker Background


TAN Chee Peng

Chee-Peng TAN is a humble and practical Industry 5.0 practitioner with 38 years of experience. Having assisted his repeat MNC clients in the successful implementation of multi-billion project portfolios, he will be fondly remembered by more than 8,000 PMs/senior management from 80 countries across 6 continents for career-defining approach to making things happen and delivering business outcome.

First Class Honours, Imperial College UK; CITPM Senior; International Who's Who of Professionals for 1999; Board of Assessor Singapore National IT Skills Certification Programme; Fellow Member and Roll of Honours Singapore Computer Society; Mauritius SAPES-recipient and Honorary 300 of the Singapore National Infocomm Registry for ICT Professionals, 2011-2013. Fellow Mauritius Institute of Directors (F.MIoD).

A Strategic Services Consultant specializing in Business-IT Planning, Industry 5.0 Programme Management (PM5.0, PMO5.0, PMIS5.0, Leaders5.0) and PMO/Business-IT process automation, previously the Vice President, Technology of Citibank N.A., Singapore; Managing Partner of Andersen Worldwide for Mauritius and East Africa, now Group CEO of the BTI Group with market presence in Asia & Africa.

Sample Past Speaking Engagements

Topic Synopsis Location

Industry 4.0 Mindset & Digital Employee Challenges - Crossing the Rubicon

With the exponential changes brought about in exponential times by the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), it is really going to be survival for the fittest - those who have a plan/blueprint and strategically know how to disintermediate and deliver business values in Industry 4.0 (i40) era. Delivered with specific examples on Asia/Africa & worldwide with references to the industry relevant to your organization, Industry 4.0 Mindset & Digital Employee Challenges - Crossing the Rubicon emphasizes the need to learn, unlearn and relearn how to humanize Leadership to:

  1. support Business 4.0 key success factors by addressing the Elephants in the Room

  2. develop Mindset 4.0 required to drive i40 Performance (CFS & HUMAN)

  3. operationalize Human Capital 4.0 Collaborative Engagement Model to manage future employees of Digital organizations within the New Normal Work-Play-Live paradigm.

Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Australia, South Africa, Seychelles, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia

Leadership 4.0 - Surviving the Industry 4.0 New Frontiers

This 90-min impactful Talk will be an eye-opener to the external realm of realities and a deafening wake-up call to internal leaders/stakeholders to take the first self-initiated steps - from awareness to execution consciousness & flawlessness.

  1. Key Concepts Covered in the comprehensive Technical-Leadership-Strategic Thinking Talk Delivery:

  2. Scalable Agility Best Practices

  3. Leadership 4.0 pre-requisite leadership imperatives

  4. Fundamental changes in the way we work, live and interact: 9 Pillars, 5 Leadership Focus Areas & 4 Design Principles.

Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Australia, South Africa

Project Leadership & The Art of WarMaking Great Things Happen

This engaging 30-min Talk exclusively focuses on outcome-based practices using well-known and proven strategies applied 2,500 years ago. Attendees will acquire practical outcome-influencing know-hows to level-up immediately. Whether or not you are thrust into a leadership role with no prior experience in the subject matter, or you find yourself having to address performance issues and risks of a project but with no positional power – you will know the most effective way of making great things happen and get things done. The Art of War is all about strategic thinking exemplifying a winner’s mindset.

Key takeaways where an outcome-focused Project Managers can immediately apply and practice are how to:

  1. think with winners’ mindset

  2. build sustained and great leadership

  3. plan to succeed

  4. a winning team and organization.

Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Australia (Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne), South Africa, Seychelles, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, China

Business Innovation Mindset - The Business Unusual

In bringing Business and Customer Centricity to life, it is critical that we are equipped with the skills, more importantly – the mindset, to engage our business lines through a common language. We need to step up in the value that we are providing such that beyond responding to the operational requirements from the lines, we are able to facilitate the exploration of new technology-enabled business opportunities. Doing that requires a new set of tools and mindset.

Any business can be described by articulating the 9 building blocks of the Business Model Canvas. In exploring the Customer Segments building block:

  1. questions about the jobs-to-be-done, pains and gains faced by the selected segments are discussed to truly understanding customer needs

  2. product and service features are then described when we get to the Value Proposition building block

  3. matching the organization’s product and service characteristics to the customer jobs-to-be-done, pains and gains will illuminate whether the customer needs have indeed been met thereby starting to identify innovation opportunities.

Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Indonesia, Sri Lanka

Business Value Creation & Delivery - An Outcome-based Approach

Business Value Creation & Delivery (BVCD) represents a markedly different business-driven approach to create, prioritize, execute & realize the benefits of critical business initiatives.  An outcome-based approach, this 90-min Talk examines the Whys and Whats in order to understand the Hows, Whens and Wheres:

  1. Outline a typical project-based prioritization process

  2. Discuss what is a Business Value Creation & Delivery

  3. Share main considerations & best practices in crafting a practical Business Value Creation & Delivery

  4. Discuss the Key Success Factors (KSFs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in implementing a Business Value Creation & Delivery.

Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Indonesia, Sri Lanka

Agile & Business Agility - The Game Changer

The Game Changer approach is a 90-min Workshop that examines the best approach to incorporate both Waterfall & Agile PPM Practices together through case studies for participants to better understand the concepts and operationalize the practices especially the change adaptation techniques.

The main takeaways are:

  1. Outline a typical project-based process that using Waterfall & Agile Methodology

  2. Discuss what is a Bimodal & it pro and cons

  3. Share main considerations & best practices in crafting a practical Bimodal that allow both methodology to co-exists

  4. Analyze the Key Success Factors (KSFs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in implementing a Bimodal approach.

Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius